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Artistic director: Emiliano Zucchini

Editorial staff: Alessandra Alliata Nobili, Teodolinda Coltellaro, Alice Traforti

Contributors: Alessandra Alliata Nobili, Teodolinda Coltellaro, Anna de Fazio Siciliano, Rosanna Fumai, Giovanna Le Noci, Vittorio Raschetti, Isa Helena Tibúrcio, Alice Traforti


Alessandra Alliata Nobili

Milan- born, she lives and works between Italy and England until 2010, and then settles permanently in the Lombard city. She begins very young working for auction houses in London, Milan and Venice. Subsequently, she is active in the art environment as a critic and journalist of contemporary art, contributing for various magazines and websites both in Italy and abroad. In recent years, she has organized and curated several exhibitions and events in the field of art and design.
She is one of the founders of and Art Bag – The artist envelope with surprise.

Teodolinda Coltellaro

Born in Gizzeria (Catanzaro), Teodolinda Coltellaro works in Lamezia Terme as a contemporary art critic. With her critical work, she contributed to the birth and growth of the Taverna Civic Museum.
She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the MARCA – Museum of the Arts of Catanzaro and director of the Quaderni del Marca editorial series.
She is a contributor of newspapers, magazines and periodicals on contemporary art. Her work as critic, as well as for numerous national and international museums, libraries and museum archives, is documented in the Historical Archive of the National Quadrennial in Rome. She is one of the founders of

Alice Traforti

Active in the diffusion of the need for art in daily life, she writes about contemporary art on the web and on paper, curating exhibitions in the area where she lives (the upper province of Vicenza) and exercises critical thinking, preferably in writing. She is also a consultant and copywriter for artists and exhibition spaces.
With a specialization in optical-kinetic and programmed art, inevitably she addresses her questions to issues of perception and awareness, contamination and automation, poised between science, nature, technology, new media, identity, body and territory.
She is one of the founders of

Emiliano Zucchini

Artist and Graphic Designer. His research deals with the theme of communication and the construction of the image through the very means of communication, starting from the study of the analog medium up to the most common and current forms of digital medium (computer graphics, video, web, files). He exhibits both in Italy and abroad. His works are present in private and museum collections.
He is one of the founders of and Art Bag – The artist envelope with surprise.